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The Inspectorate of the Republic of Slovenia for Agriculture, Forestry, Food and the Environment was founded with the purpose of performing supervision of the implementation of laws, other regulations and acts in the area of work of the Ministry of Agriculture and the Environment. The Inspectorate supervises the implementation of laws, other regulations and general legal acts that regulate the following areas: agriculture, rural development, agricultural policy measures, quality of agricultural products and foodstuffs, fodder, zootechnics, genetically modifiedorganisms, plant protection, mineral fertilisers, agricultural seeds and propagating material, wine and other grape and wine products, forestry, hunting and fisheries, primary production of foodstuffs or food, and good agricultural practice, protection of the environment and nature protection, ecological control at state borders, water regime, water regulation and water management, and may also carry out control in the procedures of implementation of measures falling within the competence of the Agency of the Republic of Slovenia for Agricultural Markets and Rural Development.


Regarding its area of work, the Inspectorate consists of eight inspections and the general affairs and legal service.